Ariana Grande - main thing (official audio)

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    "main thing” from Positions (Deluxe). Listen & download here:
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    Video Created By: Katia Temkin

    Official “main thing” Lyrics:
    You on your way it’s a Friday night, hear the rain outside yeah
    Its rose on ice, candlelight and I’m feeling nice
    Anything you like boy you know it’s on me
    Been a minute since I tasted something so sweet
    Always pull up when I call you, call you
    Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
    Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
    Oh baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
    It’s time to go take it nice and slow, tip toe to the bedroom
    Lookin at me like when it’s cold you gon keep me warm
    All I wanna do is spend my time with you
    Even when the learnings done and nothings new
    Always pull up when I call you, call you
    Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
    Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
    Oh baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
    #ArianaGrande #PositionsDeluxe #mainthing

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      the songs on the Positions Deluxe album are perfect I love you Ari ❤

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      I love Ariana Grande since Nickelodeon❤

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      Omg, your voice is so sweet, you are the queen of the music, never stop!!!!

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      The R&B style in this album = Perfection

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      she is so beautiful and has a really good voice, even the aliens on mars probably listen to her tracks, from UK :))

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      i watched sam and cat :3

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      Does anyone but us read these comments?

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      THE "YOU" IS LIT 🔥

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      if you listen to this in 12.5 it sounds even better

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      Hey all.....So,this is my new cover song Hope you guys it👍

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      The beginning reminded me of Pete Davidson (the song), like the melody the first few sec caught me off guard 😩😭

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      there is only one thing ariana can’t do: disappoint any of us.

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      Yo how did u fucking turn from a acotor in Sam in cat stupid show to this

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      Ariana said ROSé on ice

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      Best song ever

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    43. Marc Anton

      I Have her song 'I Have Nothing' from 2014; this is the true style for Adriana!

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      I love when she says youuuuuuuu omgggg that makes the song so good

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