Ariana Grande - in my head (Audio)

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    Music video by Ariana Grande performing in my head (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Alli Dolphin

      She made a music vid!!!! ❤️

    2. Erica Nimako

      The thank you next album will always be my favorite

    3. Torin Tube

      I once saw an edit with this sound i never knew its from ari Im shooked

    4. Thayssa Lima

      I'm from Brazil and I love this song

    5. John Bic

      Did you just listen the remix of In my head and drivers license?


      Chechi power pora⚡️ diya ithilum nanay padum korach kudi sruthi oke sheri akanam kettow🤧

    7. Gia Avereen Janubas

      Shawn Mendes: In My Blood Ariana Grande: In My Head Drake: In My Feelings Sabrina Carpenter: In My Bed

    8. dani ꨄ

      im here 2yrs later and wow imh is wayyy underrated

    9. Isa Carvalho


    10. duda

    11. ArtWrks


    12. Sita Rani

      Why did i avoid this song for this long? why am i so dumb?

    13. vipflex1

      This song speaks the words of my broken heart.....

    14. Lucas Sousa 🥀

    15. Ornella Amorim


    16. Ornella Amorim


    17. David Jarrah

      The lavish touch biophysically love because twig additionaly interest until a nifty coke. private, truculent pair

    18. Spicy Nuggets

      I could hear Victoria’s voice in the back omg

    19. arianator forever

      I revised everything for my test but i've forgot was all in my HEAAAAAD

    20. Raman Preet


    21. Sweetener Ari

      Okay my fav song periodt

    22. Stavroula Nikolaidou

      “they see cain and i see abel” my favourite line ever

    23. Harlie

      Someone need feeling the vibes of this song 🌙

    24. Bruno Brown

      the beggining llooking like it came from Fivenighst ast frddies

    25. nicole cristescu

      just go at 1:30 u will thank me later

    26. Orson Krennic

      Am I the only one to feel that the skt skt seems to be out of place?

    27. Nora Renae

      Love u Ariana!!

    28. Madison Spade

      This song does not get enough credit When I first heard this song thought it was about Pete then I found out its about Mac, how?

      1. Madison Spade

        @J J That makes sense, why I thought this song was about Pete is because she saw Pete as something else thats whys she got engaged then she realized she was creating someone that was not real and left him. Also the song says "That you where the one.But it all in my head" As is the one getting married.

      2. J J

        Makes sense tho, in the beginning it sounds like a therapist or smth or even just good advise telling her that she cant fix mac, cuz he struggled with an addiction

    29. A. Jo

      This is one of my favorite songs of hers lyrically

    30. Nica Virgo-Harris

      billie is better

      1. Nica Virgo-Harris

        @GrandeSlowed fuck of im aloud an opinion

      2. Nica Virgo-Harris

        @Ali Maybe billie elish u fucking dumbass

      3. GrandeSlowed

        okay and?

      4. Ali Maybe

        Who billie?

    31. Ruby Sanchez


    32. Ruby Sanchez


    33. Ruby Sanchez


    34. iiPumpkinz_Robloxii

      No one else is here from the Drivers license and In my head mashup ._.

    35. awhxjass

      dis would literally be a tiktok song-

      1. Phoebe Bragais

        It is.the 'boy i invented you' search it in tiktok its an old tiktok sound :)

    36. Nikki Muts

      What the man is saying in the begining. Wow so relateble.

    37. Cicero Souza

      Ariana grande eu te amo❤

    38. Stan Lisa

      this whole time i thought she was saying “they see demon, i see angel”

      1. GrandeSlowed


    39. Giovanni

      *The only thing you can fix is yourself*

    40. εϻϻᥲ ღ

      Drivers License + In my head 🌈PERFECT🌈

      1. Queen Bee


    41. José Gouveia


    42. Harlie

      That song IS ART PURE🌟

    43. Sara Al nasser

      2:56 I'm in love 😭♥️♥️♥️

    44. Kiara Henriquez

      You look so pretty.

    45. Alipal

      This actually hurts. The lyrics are describing you being with a person who is awful and cruel and treats you badly. But you see an illusion of them being an angel and perfect, and even if you notice it's not the real them, you still try to have hope for them to become better like the version you imagine them as and make yourself believe that what they are like isn't the real them deep inside. People around you realise how attached you are with them and have concern for you, but you're too blind by the illusion to listen to them (adding context to the guy in the beginning)

    46. mlixia

      this sounds so recent 😱

    47. Ashley Aron

      The beggin remember me about memories that doesn't exists

    48. kyla bobbi

      skrrt skrrt 💔

    49. kyla bobbi

      best song on thank u next

    50. Ninja Army Gaming

      why is no one talking about the way she saying "in my head" Its the most beautiful thing I've ever heard like the way she transitioned from her chest voice to falsetto and the way it melts into the background like UGHH---- ITS THE BEST PART OF THE SONG AND YET NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT

    51. Kermit The Frog

      I walked in on my mum and my brothers best friend who is actually our cousin bc my mum has a long lost brother and his son is my brothers best friend lol anyways they were both grinding on each other they asked me to join in but I don’t get involved with family drama ya know but I didn’t want to leave them with just the two of them so I told my long lost uncle to come over and do it w them so he did and basically my mum was grinding w her brother her nephew and my brothers best friend who is actually my cousin was grinding w his auntie and his dad and my uncle was grinding w his son and his sister lol gross but awesome

      1. Lil Kween

        @arisponytail right cause that ain't right. so disgusting..i cant

      2. Stan Lisa


      3. arisponytail

        @Lil Kween they need to call the mf police 💀😭😂

      4. Lil Kween

        @arisponytail right and the fact he/she/they didn't say anything and he/she/they just called their

      5. arisponytail

        Tf that’s literally ilegal-

    52. kyla bobbi

      when she hit that “in my head”… i felt that on a spiritual level

    53. Eddy_n_Goose


    54. Rachellkxx

      the fact the this was posted on my birthday

      1. mimi


      2. Kaylon Shirley

        happy late birthday

    55. gay toulouse

      i feel like when she finally sings the emotional songs on tu,n (ghostin, in my head and imagine) live, the world will know she's okay again.

    56. Catalina S

      I LOVE IT

    57. Yasmine Djebbari


    58. mallory

      Falling, falling But I never thought you'd leave me Falling, falling Needed something to believe in, oh I thought that you were the one ______________________________ hit different on another level

    59. Bel Monteiro

      The way she grow up,I'm like a mother proud with her

      1. Remember To Smile

        Search this mashup "Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (ft. Ariana Grande)" !!! It's great

    60. Boo Hoo


    61. yeon tan

      who after 2 years of this song?

    62. 2 AM

      The best music

    63. Hey, it’s me

      It came out 2 years ago today, and it never gets old!

    64. Ocee Patterson

      you did invent me

    65. Mash Art

      I've made 34+35 and In My Head mashup ❤️

      1. Queen Bee

        @Sarah Voso same

      2. Sarah Voso

        @Remember To Smile thats where i just came from!

      3. lely troche


      4. Remember To Smile

        Search this mashup "Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (ft. Ariana Grande) !!! It's great

    66. Tc S6X

      omg plss i found you amiguisss

    67. BrookeLynn Guillory

      Ilysm Ari💜☁️!

    68. the squad

      cause it was all in my heeEaAAeEEEEEEEEEEEEd skrt skrt

    69. Hunter The Rottweiler

      Still back in February 2021

    70. Britney Singh it just me or does the music vid also have 28 million views? Like if u see it too 😊😊😊

    71. Bunxxy

      this has to be my fave song from her

    72. cami quinteros


    73. Belle


    74. Lana Alvarado

      Omg she is so creative how does she make such good soNGSSSSSSS IM JELLYYYYY

    75. -Its Jay-

      wait does she say. able or.. abel lol

      1. Quan Rolle

        "They see cain and I see Abel abel abel willing and able "

    76. Mateus Ferreira SCCP

      FREE FIRE 👽⚡

    77. Zucklas


    78. Alayah Williams

      February 2021 :)

    79. Melany Atanaia


      1. Remember To Smile

        Search this mashup "Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (ft. Ariana Grande) !!! It's great

    80. Melany Atanaia

      a patroa do álbum e quem discorda, que discorde na sua casa

    81. Amberly Karin Adame


    82. Jade S

      happy 2nd birthday THANKYOUNEXT💔

    83. Jennie Nik

      I really like the sad version of this song

    84. Gabriel


    85. Oliwia Oliwia


    86. drownedtheo

      2 years since this masterpiece came out

    87. Mally Wendy - Xexo Willow

      Ariana Grande - In My Head (Audio) Official Video from "thank u, next"

    88. Billy Bob

      Happy two years 🖤

    89. ayza universe

      Shut that fuck song

      1. Arianne Grenade

        Says the one who clicked this video. The song didn't come to you. You came to it so you dont make any sense saying that and plus don't use bad words or mommy gonna know about this. Now go to sleep its past your bedtime

      2. Bre

        You seem very mad praying for you ❤️

    90. samanthaaa

      Two years of this beautiful album🖤💗

    91. himi

      1:15 thank me later

      1. himi

        @Skylight Studios ur welcome 🙃

      2. Skylight Studios

        Thank you ☺️

    92. Trina Sears


    93. Roni Worldwide

      I did a cover for this song :) it would be nice if anyone would check it out Love!

    94. Carolyn


    95. gabi galgani

      can´t hold that shit against you guess i did it to myselffffffff fuck

    96. kyla bobbi

      when it REALLY WAS all in your head, this song hits different smh

      1. Remember To Smile

        Search this mashup "Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (ft. Ariana Grande)" !!! It's great

    97. Isa Débora


    98. SekkaiRaimu

      i need to know who aid the "skrrt skrrt" on 1:29

    99. Werka Maja

      Me alone in house: OWEJEYEOWEYE

    100. Yaniel Perez

      I was like this once. This song woke me the F up.